SFT Background: CustomersSilicon Frontline Customers

Over 70 electronic companies rely on Silicon Frontline products and services for their silicon success. Silicon Frontline products are widely adopted by IDMs and foundries, including 12 of the top 25 semiconductor companies and have been used in thousands of designs.

Sample of our Customers

Allegro MicrosystemsAMETEKAlpha and Omega SemiconductorANPEC Electronics CorporationBosch
Cirrus LogicCista Design, Inc.Cree Inc.
(Wolfspeed Inc.)
Creative Legend SemiconductorDiodes Incorporated
Elmos SemiconductorHDL Design HouseHalo Microelectronics Co.Infineon TechnologiesLattice Semiconductor
MelexisNexperiaNitin DensoonsemipSemi
Renesas ElectronicsSamsungSilanna SemiconductorSilergy Corp.Teradyne Inc.

Hear our Customers

R3D has direct integration with PDK data, making the CAD setup easy and maintenance-free.

We use Silicon Frontline’s F3D extraction for accurate capacitance extraction as traditional extraction technology could not model our pixel design with sufficient confidence. For powernet integrity analysis, we use Silicon Frontline’s P2P. Silicon Frontline tools provides us a high confidence path to quality and reliability.

We rely on P2P for powernet analysis in our CMOS image sensor designs. P2P is easy to setup and used at all design stages, from preliminary block-level to full-chip. We enjoy working with responsive, technical Silicon Frontline folks to ensure our cutting-edge image sensor solutions meet our accuracy, speed, and quality standards.

We use R3D and P2P tools for our power device designs. The tools are powerful and effective in helping us identify issues quickly. We are able to improve the layout rapidly and meet design specs on schedule. Silicon Frontline tools provides the confidence that tape out will be successful.

Our experts use P2P tools for IR-drop analysis. Unprecedented speed, performance, ease of setup and excellent technical support are the main reason why we choose P2P tool for our SoC design. Using this tool, we achieve the best results and quality of our SoC design projects.

Partnering with Silicon Frontline has helped us improve our ESD methodology. Yuri and his team worked with us closely and promptly deliver to our expectation. We find Silicon Frontline innovative, competent, and eager to solve our problems.

We have been using Silicon Frontline’s ESRA ESD analysis for many years. The ESRA technology enables us to achieve our ESD standard. We like Silicon Frontline’s responsive hands-on support, which is rare in EDA.

At MinDCet, creating reliable power stages for out cutting-edge customer projects means we need to guarantee the key performance before engaging in a high-cost production. Silicon Frontline R3D is an essential simulation tool in our development process. It enables us to objectively prove to our customers that the design complies with the set of specifications,paving the way for first-time-right developments.

Silicon Frontline provides great support, excellent analysis results, and they will work with you to find solutions for detecting unusual discharge paths.

We have adopted ESRA from Silicon Frontline for both HBM and CDM ESD analysis. Their comprehensive error checking and excellent support meet our unique technical requirements for advanced RF and power solutions.

At Renesas, we rely on Silicon Frontline’s tools to verify and optimize our Power device structures for high efficiency and reliability. We are pleased with the accuracy, ease-of-use, support and cost-effectiveness of their tools. We look forward to engaging with them even more in the future as they continue to expand their product line.

ESD CDM design has become increasingly challenging as IC technology has scaled down and IC design complexity has increased. After extensive evaluation of Silicon Frontline’s ESD analysis tools, we found their CDM failure risk detection in IC design met our demanding needs in both accuracy and capacity into the 10s of billions of devices. Silicon Frontline’s solution is enabling us to make ESD sign-off for full chip verification a reality for future development. No other tool has come close to this capability. Through our technical partnership and Silicon Frontline’s world class support we are solving problems today and achieve solutions for the cutting edge of tomorrow.

The Silicon Frontline Technology power device analysis tools make it easy for us to minimize metal resistance which helps minimize area and maximize performance, and they also enable us to verify our designs meet electromigration specifications.

We have been using Silicon Frontline’s R3D, R3D Gate, and DDM for the past couple of years to evaluate and design our advanced power MOSFETs and Power Trains. It is easy to use and gives intuitive feedback on critical design parameters and layout.

In the past, layout errors causing ESD failure would not be caught until the first silicon is back. ESRA provides an ability to have a glimpse of ESD implications from these layout errors and a better chance of first silicon success.

Silicon Frontline is our supplier since more than ten years. With the invaluable help of its technical support, we have developed a robust environment for the electro-thermal analysis of the Power MOS that allows us unique and valuable solutions for our high power and current proprietary technologies.

R3D is one amazing tool for large current IC applications.