SFT Background: SolutionsPower Semiconductor Devices

Numerical Simulation of Metal Interconnects of Power Semiconductor Devices

De facto Standard Power Device Analysis and Optimization Solution

Silicon Frontline delivers a comprehensive analysis and optimization solution for the design of large-scale power semiconductor devices. Silicon Frontline Power Device solution provides resistive 3D extraction, analysis and dynamic simulation, as well as transient 3D electro-thermal simulation of chip and package.

Layout of metal interconnects, bond pads, and wirebonds of large-area power devices has a profound effect on metal debiasing, and device Rds(on) and electromigration. Efficiency of the power device dictates the overall efficiency of the system, yet achieving an efficient layout is time-consuming, resulting in suboptimal designs.

Unlike existing parasitic extraction tools and field solvers, Silicon Frontline solutions accurately analyzes complex layouts with realistic and detailed modeling of RDL layers, and multi-dimensional nature of the current flow. The solution also considers the impact of temperature on device efficiency and reliability. Silicon Frontline Power Device solutions help reduce the probability of layout errors, and significantly speeds up and improves the quality of layout designs.

Key Advantages

  • Accurate Rds(on) modeling and distributed RC netlist allows users to quickly achieve efficiency improvements.
  • Current density, distribution and sensitivity analyses improve designs for EM and IR drop.
  • Transient simulation identifies switching losses for better efficiency and reliability.
  • High speed simulation with annotated layout debugging environment provides fast identification and correction of problem networks.
  • 3D electro-thermal simulation highlights thermal weaknesses, enables optimization of thermal and current sensor locations.

Power Device Analysis and Optimization Products


Resistive 3D Extraction and Analysis

Improves design efficiency and reliability.



Transient Analysis of Power Devices

More accurate simulation of device and surrounding circuitry.

R3D Gate


Parasitic Extraction and Analysis

Quickly identify and correct gate network problems, faster time to signoff with higher reliability.



Full-chip 3D Electro-Thermal Simulation

Improves reliability by highlighting thermal weaknesses, optimize thermal and current sensor locations.