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What’s New

Silicon Frontline Receives EOS/ESD Symposium Outstanding Paper Award

Efficient and Reliable Layout

Silicon Frontline highlights blind spots and provides accurate optimization and validation early in design for first silicon success.

Power Devices

Solutions: Power Devices

A comprehensive analysis and optimization solution for the design of large-scale power semiconductor devices.


Fast, reliable and easy-to-use full-chip IR/EM and point-to-point resistance analysis solution.

Full-chip ESD

Solutions: Full-Chip ESD

The only full-chip solution available for the verification of ESD protection networks for HBM and CDM events.

Customer Proven

At Renesas, we rely on Silicon Frontline’s tools to verify and optimize our Power device structures for high efficiency and reliability. We are pleased with the accuracy, ease-of-use, support and cost-effectiveness of their tools. We look forward to engaging with them even more in the future as they continue to expand their product line.

The Silicon Frontline Technology power device analysis tools make it easy for us to minimize metal resistance which helps minimize area and maximize performance, and they also enable us to verify our designs meet electromigration specifications.

We have been using Silicon Frontline’s ESRA ESD analysis for many years. The ESRA technology enables us to achieve our ESD standard. We like Silicon Frontline’s responsive hands-on support, which is rare in EDA.

Our experts use P2P tools for IR-drop analysis. Unprecedented speed, performance, ease of setup and excellent technical support are the main reason why we choose P2P tool for our SoC design. Using this tool, we achieve the best results and quality of our SoC design projects.

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